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A Holistic Hygio Physician, and Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition Practitioner, understands that managing ones health can sometimes be overwhelming.  It is all about looking good and feeling good inside and out.  This can be accomplished with clear instructions regarding the benefits of hygienics.  The practice of hygienics increases the quality of health to its optimum potential, increasing nerve energy.  What is nerve energy?  Nerve energy is functional power.  The nerve is the grand conductor of motive power and sensory impulses.   The energy of nerves is the life of tissues, organs, muscles, circulation of blood and many other functional purposes.  A Starting Point, Holistic Health and Nutrition Program will help you the "client" discover optimum physical and emotional health.  What you will receive are the tools to manage your physical, emotional and social well-being; nutritional information, weight control, and management to help restore nerve energy.  Mission Statement: To treat our clients with dignity and respect, and to assist with living a healthy lifestyle. Health and Wellness products provided: The Total Life changes by  Brenda Pratt, Ph.D

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I am Dr. Brenda Pratt, H.D., Ph.D, in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition.  I am not a Medical Doctor, and will serve only in the capacity of a Certified Holistic Health and Nutritional Educator, Practitioner and Counselor.  My goal is to introduce you to the practice of living  the Hygienic way with the knowledge and understanding of  Holistic Health and Nutrition services as A Starting Point to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  You will receive information to help you set realistic goals to manage and maintain your health the hygienic way.  You will discover that Health is a "Birth Right," and everybody deserves to live life in harmony. 

Ten years ago I made the decision to invest in my health and to stop enervating habits to overcome chronic health conditions, such as Hypertension, Arthritis, Diverticulitis, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

 It took dedication and a conviction to enjoy life in the Hygienic and Health way.  I was inspired to accept the Hygienic principles to manage my health.  

I needed to convince myself that living life in a harmonious way was the right thing to do, and that life is a gift not to be taken for granted. It was my responsibility to seek a lifestyle of health and vigor.

 So, I decided to eat healthy, drink good alkaline water, exercise to be physically fit, enjoy lasting friendships, get plenty of sunshine and fresh air, good rest and sleep to maintain poise, because achieving good health and balance in all aspects of life is rewarding.




" I was finally able to get to the root cause of my indigestion problems.  I soon learned that I was eating the wrong food combinations.  Thank you Brenda,"

Paula M.

"I was impressed by Brenda's determination to help me with my health concerns.  She is very knowledgable about health and wellness."

Tony P.

"A Starting Point, Holistic Health and Nutrition Center has been a life saver. I am learning to take charge of my health."

Bety M.



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